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 Hikari Zura

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PostSubject: Hikari Zura   Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:42 pm

Name:Hikari Zura
Nickname/Alias:Natsuho Zaku
Location: Tokyo
Race: Human (unfortuntily....haha)
Height:5' 4"
Occupation:works at a video game and DVD store
Skills:Drawing,Writing,video gaming,leadership,making music videos.
Inventory:Cell Phone,heavy duty metal lighter,a deck of cards.
Items acquired by special means: N/A
Weapons : hidden pocket knife
Fighting Style:Tae Kwon do
Personality:outgoing and loyal but can be very uncontrolable when angerd. has a tendency to charge in without thinking or to make rash decisions frequently and often gets into trouble. She loves to spend all her time reading manga or watching Anime and yet she also enjoys an adventure,however hard they are to come by where she lives. She hates being bored and also extreamly dislikes anyone being unhappy in her presence,since for some odd reason it makes her unhappy as well. She has a habit of trying to make friends with everyone she meets and thus can be alittle bit intimidating to those who arent as outgoing as she is. She has a bad habit of being extreamly stubborn and has a tendency of thinking she knows whats best even in situations where she is clearly wrong. Altho in the end she has no problem admitting her faults or what she had done wrong. It may not seem like it but undernieth her constant grins and smiles she's a very lonely person,she lives by herself in a very small apartment and has very few friends despite her efforts.
Special Job/Hobby:Writing story's or making music videos on the web. nothing special quite yet.
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Hikari Zura
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