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 Blair McCloud

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PostSubject: Blair McCloud   Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:44 pm

Name: Blair McCloud
Nickname/Alias: Ghost Blair
Gender: --
Orientation: US Navy Captain, agent
Race: --
Height: 5'9"
Description: Wears black Navy uniform, including the Captain-rank insignia on the collar, and a pair of pants of the same color and material. Wears a white Naval officer hat with United States Navy emblem on the front. Has cerulean eyes and blonde, whose bangs are parted in the middle and combed over her right eye.. Has fair skin. Veteran (fictional) of W.W.I, W.W.II, and Cold War. Sometimes, can be seen wearing a navy-blue tuxedo with matching pants and heeled boots.
Occupation: Captain of U.S.S. Virtue, former Captain of the U.S.S. Missouri, the Iowa-class battleship, which is now a museum ship.
Skills: Blade mastery, gunslinger skills, master of CQC (Close Quarters Combat, mainly melee or close-range gunplay).
Inventory: Codec radio, cellphone, pocket watch, mini-telescope (adjustable lens and various imaging (night-vision, geiger and thermal) included).
Items acquired by special means: Akashic Pendant (prevents death via Death Note, on the account my character isn't a fighter, but merely a passive character.)
Weapons (If none type N/A): CZ 75 pistol, Mauser C69, experimental stun knife, modified Desert Eagle
Fighting Style: CQC consisting of judo or aikido-style martial arts combined with a knife for melee.
Personality: Coy and rather smart, the soft-spoken type.
Special Job/Hobby: Hacking (ethical), navigating around the oceans.

*Note: At times, Blair's body, in any amount or area, would be virtually liquid-like and radiant blue, and also be giving off some sort of neutral energy. This energy, if used right, is capable of conjuring explosions or implosions at will. This energy also grants Blair levitation due to its free-flow nature.

*Note: Almost 100% of the time, whenever Blair and August spar in CQC (using blank bullets and rubber knives), Blair would always force August into submission. When it comes to sniping, however, August mainly has the upper hand.
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Blair McCloud
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