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 Lain Coen

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PostSubject: Lain Coen   Fri Nov 13, 2009 8:29 pm

Name: Lain Coen

Nickname/Alias: Lott, Scissorman

Age: 14

Location: Granite Orphanage, Romsdalen, Norway

Gender: Female

Orientation: Waitress/ Serial killer

Race: Human

Height: 5'6"

Description: Jet-black, back-length hair, white long-sleeved button-down blouse with indigo shin-length skirt with shoulder straps. Also wears pair of indigo leather shoes.

Occupation: Waitress

Skills: --

Inventory: Herb Case (for self aid), Amulet

Items acquired by special means: Amulet

Weapons: Depending on the personality in control. For Lain herself, anything she can grab her hands onto, such as a chair, a light desk, or even certain tools such as a baseball bat or billhook cleaver. For Lott, her male alter ego, a pair of long-bladed shears and/or a pair of knives that could be conjoined to make a pair of large, makeshift scissors, hence the title of "Scissorman". Either personality can use traps as well.

Fighting Style: Brutal yet stealthy. Can pop out of a hiding place and impale or decapitate the target or pursuer.

Personality: Generally a quiet young girl, Lain tends to keep to the sidelines when it comes to social norms, only making friends with people who seem to have the same desires and interests.
Special Job/Hobby: Cleaning tools and weaponry, serving tables and janitorial duties.
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Lain Coen
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